Surprise and fun are found! spread!

Share PR space
Share showroom WOW!

  • Demonstration by resident staff,
  • Sales outsourcing, fee response consultation Price10%
  • Press conference, product PR event held support!
  • Reserved! Usually 1 hour 6,600 yen (weekdays 17:00)

WOW! Is like Makuake published
Achieve the latest fun products and surprise products,
You can enjoy cooling and light drinking food
A new type of share space.

"Showroom" for business operators
"PR space" "PR support team"
"Products and PR Concierge"
Abundant content and mechanism
By "share"
We offer high PR effects at low cost.

Also in WOW!
interesting! fun! surprise! PR event holding
We will plan and support.
Product PR press conference and tasting party!

Significantly reduce advertising expenses!
PR in Tokyo
Please leave it with one stop!

What's news

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Flow to installation

1. Contact

Please contact us by phone or email. We will contact you following the person in charge.

2. Match

After adjusting the schedule, we will hit the person in charge with your owner and face.

3. Product Description Adjustment

After having a description of the product, we will calculate and adjust the installation location and expenses.

4. Contract and exhibit delivery / takeover

Please send out the exhibit after the contract. We will confirm as soon as we complete the pickup.

5. Installation

Our concierge and person in charge will be installed at the store.

6. Operate

I will actually run in the showroom.

Flow after contract

1. Explanation agent lecture

The concierge after arrival of the product will receive a substitute explanation and demonstration lecture from your company with a web meeting. Here you will receive a lecture so that you can substitute the demonstration.

Description agent's lecture completed

2. Reservation by reservation system

Please select the date and time when you want a proxy explanation from the web reservation system. Spot charges will be charged due to the time of booking, etc. Please make a reservation including the time of your company and customer.

Reservation completion

3. Thermusty, after explanation
Additional instructions on your side as needed

After completion of agency explanation, we will guide you to the meeting box for customers who want additional explanations and business talks, so please explain from your company.



  • Pointed product and product of performance and characteristic

  • Special apparel characteristic

  • Dietary food and drink (for food and drink permission


List of facilities of "WOW!"

  • kitchen

  • fitting room

  • Large Screen,
    High performance projector,
    Digital Signage

  • Relay relationship, imaging equipment,
    Microphone, speaker

  • Soundproof web meeting booth
    (Complete private room)

  • Coworking space

  • Press conference set

User Product Example


Introduce the floor of "WOW!"

For you

"WOW!" Is useful for such people

  • Manufacturing industry, business owner who wants to PR
  • A total agent that wants to sell the product
  • Product PR event venue, advertising agency looking for press conference
  • People who have interesting inventions and ideas
  • PR approach by permanent exhibition with highest cost performance
  • Versatile space that can be photographed or press conference
  • Space specialized for "PR" which used abundant personal connections etc.
  • Manufacturing industry, inventer, corporate support network available