Frequently Asked Questions

Inquiry about order and payment

Q. Is it possible to issue a receipt?

We have attached those issued in PDF. Please apply for request.

Q. It is an order by a corporation, but is it possible to issue an invoice?

I'm sorry. As we do not issue it, please support it in the receipt.

Q. I want to transfer to a bank account.

I'm sorry. We do not receive accepting by bank account in our shop.

Q. I have passed the payment deadline ....

As soon as possible, please attach an image such as a screen shot of the deposit screen and contact the payment.

Q. Can I attach it?

I'm sorry. There is no gift for gifts at this site.

Q. Can you deliver via a third party, such as a hospital?

Our shop does not support delivery via a third party, please understand.

Q. Is it possible to order non-members?

Yes. It is possible.

Q. I want to put multiple products together together, but what should I do?

After putting it in the cart, please return from the link "Continue to Buy".

Q. I would like to check your order contents, what should I do?

Please check from the order confirmation email.

Q. Can I order from a mobile phone (smartphone)?

Yes. It is possible.

Q. I would like to order a product by adding products to the already confirmed order, what should I do?

If you can order again, there is no problem. The destination is the same and bundled will be shipped together.

Q. How much is the shipping fee?

The shipping cost of all products is different because the product and shipping place are different.
please note. Please check firmly as it is specified in the product page.

Q. Is there a point? How long is it?

There is no point function, but if you participate in the Ambassador program, there is a margin for selling prices purchased from the introductory link. For more information on the Ambasada page.

Q. Is your credit card withdrawal enclosed?

Credit refreshes will not be sent. Use the statement described in the order confirmation email and the delivery note.

Q. Is there a fee for payment?

Our shop is only card settlement, so there is no fee

Q. Can you put a message card?

I am very sorry. Please note that you do not support gifts.

Contact for post-order and delivery

Q. I was absent and did not receive the product. What should I do?

It is very welfare, but there is a description of the sentence number for the shipping completion email.
Enter the sender number from the tracking URL for each courier service.

Q. Products were damaged and dirty.

I am very sorry. Attach a photo, please contact info@wow-share.co.jp.

Q. Products do not arrive.

Please contact us as soon as we are examining. There is a description of the sentence number in the shipping completion email, and in the case of our business hours, there is a description of the sentence number for the shipping completion email. Enter the sender number from the tracking URL for each courier service.

Q. Can I send out additional orders and products I ordered separately?

If it is not packed, it is possible, but it can not be done by timing. Please note that we can only guarantee.

Q. Order confirmation email does not come, but is it possible to order?

As soon as we confirm, please contact us from the inquiry form.

Q. Can I change the payment method?

You can not change the payment method after the settlement is complete.

Q. Can I specify and change the delivery date, delivery time?

Delivery of products is different from the product for each product. Please check it on the product page. Please note that the delivery date can not be specified.

Q. How many days do you arrive after ordering?

※ You can not ship the next business day to Kyushu, Okinawa, Hokkaido, Izu Islands, Ogasawara Islands. It will be delivered within 2 to 11 business days. Contact us for more information.
※ Depending on the traffic situation, the delivery date may be before and after. Please note.