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Hot Coffee


In December 2014 Opening in December 2014, it is a hand drip from the home roasting "Denimbis".
Have a full-scale coffee scent and taste !!
※ Multiptory, such as lunch break, use drip machine that can be provided by hand drip equivalent quality. Please be aware.

black tea


Tea leaves taken from the company's own farm of Candy's own farm tea in their own factory.
Imported Japan with freshness.
It is a tofu of Safe, Safety and Quality's Three Street.
Value Sales Japan Co., Ltd. supports fair trade.

Matcha set (with sweets)


It is stocked in full-fledged Kyoto Uji Matcha.
A lecturer with a tea name of the back thousand house is.
With confectionery ※ It is only a monthly mercury.