Strong Point

Here is the case of "WOW!"

Funny mono and fun things can be found!

WOW! We will handle the latest fun, surprise products, and we will deliver to you. If you like new things, you have a spaces that you like to have funny things. You can cowork with the space between windows, teens and eat and drink, and reserve events.

Advertiser, Media-related persons are inexpensive, with a 1-minute walk from Nihuchi Station, which has a large number of people involved in Japan, can be cheaply with a showroom! PR can be done!

If you have a local manufacturing industry or interesting product, if you can hold the showroom inexpensive and have a one-minute walk from Shinbashi Station? Do you want to hold it?
Furthermore, as well as having a showroom, a concierge member with a wide variety of personal connections will explain and pr as your product / product!

Interlocking with EC site!

By linking with the EC site, you can smoothly encourage product sales.
Reservation is also possible with QR code etc.

Japan's First Product PR Concierge
Share PR space share showroom

From 10:00 on weekdays to 15:15, the product concierge is seated and the product is PR with the projection screen or video on the iPad and large screens. Concierge who is familiar with the business of each direction will guide you to the surprise of the amazing products.

Food and beverage permissioned and eating and drinking PR events are also!

Since restaurant permission is also taken, food and drink PR events are also available.
Shinbashi Station has many restaurants, and products and products for restaurants can also be PR.

PR support team too! You can also open the press conference!

A creator team supports the exhibitors comprehensively supporting PRs such as video production teams, narrator teams and writer teams.

Product shooting booth, fitting booth,
There is also a meeting booth

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Product inventory storage is also possible

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