Staff introduction

Ayumi Ogawa

She gives practical experience in a Corce Center of a major telecommunications company and corporate sales.
She is also a dressing and tea ceremony lecturer, and she has experience in the company. She also loves, she is cafe staff. Matsuri Matsuru will also prepare green tea. She is waiting for your visit to the store.

Takeuchi Ayako

4 child care or paragraphs at the graduation of her daughter of her daughter next spring.
She wants to face my life from now on. She loves nature and flowers. WOW products are only the intended products of each person! I will tell you about that thoughts.
Please carry your feet once.

Yamazaki Yuichi

He operates the iPhone repair and the glass coating business.
Detailed repair is the main characteristic of 186 cm.
Information on smartphone related and IT products, etc.
Please leave the product guidance of high places!

Miura Takahiro

☆Styling results
Styling about 1,200 people in six years from 2016 to 2021

Lifestyle Magazine "Tokyo Calendar" published
Women's magazine "ANDGIRL" published
Photographer Instagram "Alessio Bianchi" "Fabrizio Di Paolo" listed

Entrepreneurship as a 2016 order suit business
Business partnership as partner of the 2017 city of Kimono Salon
2020 Pitti Uomo97 Participation (International Trade Fair of Men's Clothing held in Florence)
As of 2021, as "Anglet", the aparel business developed by the order gentleman clothes

And more

Other than many project members, WOW! I will make it up.
All project members are looking forward to your support from everyone.