Privacy policy

■ Privacy policy

· About registration of personal information at the time of purchase
When purchasing a product in a site operated by a joint stock company Hose Island, the user must enter delivery information by the registration form. We will enter the delivery destination (name, address, etc.), and credit card information necessary for settlement. These pieces of information are used for form creation and contact with the user, and requests from users.

· About information gathering and using its use
Joint Land Company Hose Island is the owner of any information collected in the operated site. This information does not pass, buy and sell, share, and lend to the third party.

· About access log file
Our operation site uses IP addresses, using the access log file user's trend survey, site management, and trend analysis. This information does not identify individuals.

· About cookies
Cookies are how to save the usage history and input content sent and received between the browser and server as a file when using the web page. If you allow customers to send and receive cookies in your browser settings, the website can get cookies from your browser. Note that your browser sends and received and received by the server for the website for privacy protection.
Usage is also used for carts and login states management, and applications that retrieve user detailed access history.

Customers can choose from "Allow all cookies" to send and receive cookies, "deny all cookies", and "Notify users of users after receiving cookies". The setting method depends on the browser. Please check the "Help" menu of your browser for how to set up cookies.
If you choose to reject all cookies, please note that it may be constrained because you can not accept services that require authentication.

We use Cookie (cookie) information for ad delivery that can be commissioned by Yahoo! JAPAN and other companies to provide better service by our customers, but this is not the case to collect information that can identify individuals. Customer There is no violation of privacy.

· About registration of e-mail magazine
We are disseminating information by mail. This registration is what users can register arbitrarily. Also, after registration, it can be freely opt-out by user's judgment. Registered information is stored by email magazine delivery ASP. The form provided at the time of product ordering creates the opt-in with the hand of our staff to manage delivery.

· About information sharing with partner companies
Partner companies refer to the shipping companies required for delivery and companies that store payment information. Information such as the address required for product delivery will be shared with the shipping company. In addition, credit cards, convenience store payment authority (credit) work, various transfer also use card information processing company, convenience store company, financial institution (bank).

·About the links
On this website, a link to an external management site is provided. (Manufacturer site, recommended site, etc.) Please note that we do not know at all for handling personal information at the link destination.

· Disclaimer
This will be disclosed if you are asked to disclose personal information according to the request of a judicial organization. It is an act that follows legal procedures, legal procedures, and court orders. This privacy policy is also limited to within the site operated by Waki, Waki. There is no relationship with the matter that occurs on the link destination external site.

· About security
We have our own security. Sending and receiving credit information, input of order contents This uses encrypted communication (SSL). This protects the user's communication.

Ask questions about the above privacy statements, please contact the following contacts.
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