Refund policy

【About returned goods, exchange, cancellation】

■ We do not accept credit and cancellation by customer convenience, with poor product defects. Please return again and order again.
Please check product information carefully when purchasing.

■ Size replacement after purchase is not acceptable regardless of whether it is opened.

■ Also, if you returned without notice, you can not refund it. Please understand in advance.

■ For the color and texture of the product, we have published images close to the real thing as much as possible, but it is different depending on the environment such as the monitor and terminals that you will see. Please be aware in advance.

【About customer convenience returned goods】

· About reception of return

Customer Returns In case of product unused, unopened, and email will be emailed within 7 days after arrival.
Please note that returned goods can not be accepted even if you return the product without prior contacts.

If there is damage or scratch, dirt, etc. of product packing due to customer handling,
We can not accept returned goods.

※ The return method only uses the Yu Pack in Japan.
If the product is returned by cash on delivery by cash on delivery from the delivery company, the delivery company outside the designation is returned by cash on delivery, the difference is subtracted and refunded.

In the following cases, please note that the return is not accepted.

· Products that have been stated and specially processed products and specially processed products (name placement etc)
· Products 8 days or more after arrival of goods
· Products that opened packages, products used
· If the total fee exceeds the fee than the refund amount
· When purchasing more than 10 points
· If you decide that we can not respond to us
· Product page "This product can not be returned or exchanged / canceled" item
※ Mail order and internet shopping do not specify the cooling off system (withdrawal of application etc.). In our shop, the cooling off specified in the Specified Commercial Transaction Law is unlikely to be applied and cooling off.

· About return fee

We will bear 700 yen (tax included) as a return fee.

In addition, cash pay, cash on delivery fee, refund fee (such as transfer, remittance, etc.) will be borne by the customer.

In the case of free shipping products, shipping costs at the time of delivery 780 yen (Hokkaido 2,000 yen, Okinawa 3,000 yen) will be paid. The shipping fee at the time of return is the burden of the customer (prepayment).

· Refund method

We will refund you after confirming the product to our company.

If the payment method is credited, change the bill amount, otherwise it will be done by bank transfer.

In the case of returned goods due to customer convenience, we will refund the amount of returned fee, round trip shipping, and transfer fee.

· About transfer fee
Resona Bank Noda Branch: Free
Resona Bank, Resona Group Book Branch and Kansai Mirai Bank: 330 yen
Minato Bank, other banks: 660 yen
※ Transfer fee may be revised.

※ If the transfer fee exceeds the refund amount, you can not accept the return.

· About correspondence of corruption, fouling, defect

We are careful about delivery packaging, but due to the accident during delivery, it is also possible that the delivered product is "corrupted or contaminated". If there is a breakage, etc., it will be replaced with new items, so please contact us within 7 days after the product arrives.

When you can prepare the following information when you contact us smoothly
1. Name
2. Order number (Customer number described in the delivery note.)
3. About the damage that is damaged.
4. A convenient schedule and time zone that you may want to pick up.

· About correspondence of misunderstanding / quantity shortage

It is careful about product picking and packing checks, but there is an example in the past while being embarrassed by an artificial mistake. If you are different from your order product content, please report. In the case of misunderstanding, we will replace it if it is insufficient.

When you can prepare the following information when you contact us smoothly
1. Name
2. Order number (Customer number described in the delivery note.)
3. Different and lacking products and that condition.
4. Retract exchange, such a convenient schedule and time zone.