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L8020: Food for pet dogs to maintain the oral environment of cat loving dogs with lactic acid bacteria.This product uses fish caught in the Seto Inland Sea and is a product of 'delicious', 'nutrition,' and ' safety. 'A spoon from one to three cups is poured into every single day of the cup, and the spoon is always put on the usual pet food.There is an inhibitor and appetite for the suppression of cavities, toothpaste, and fungus.If you feel like your pet mouths, and you want to keep your pets early, try and take a good time. Vibeke Lise, an animal behavioral specialist, recommended!

delivery period After 7 business days, no less than 7 business days
Shipping method Yamato Transport/Sagawa Express
Materials Deci-strin, starch, grilled, fermented mushroom powder (containing l8020 lactobacillus), grilled, baked, sea bream, broiled, broiled, silicon dioxide

Product Features

Characteristics 1 L8020: lactobacillus!
It's only a double pet food!
a lot of the nutrients that are needed for three pets
All of the four original ingredients are domestic.

Lasmy Co., Ltd.

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Kazunori Saito

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It is more important to bring pets (especially dogs, cats) as the healing of the world at Corona. I decided to handle this product because I wanted to have a long life and sponsored as a member of my family.


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