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Wannyan Liquid

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Etak is a mouse wash for pets for formulating the constantivation component, so that the sterilization component is fixed for a long time. 3 to 5 drops are their own hand palm Please let me lick it into your dog and love cat. Only one day after meals. Specialists of animal behavioral behavior "Vivet Lice" recommended!

Delivery period Within 7 business days after ordering
Shipping method Yamato Transport / Sagawa Express
material Purified water, ethoxysilane compound, antibacterial agent (containing ETAK)

Product feature

Feature 1 Continuous antivariety ETAK is blended!
Features 2 Just 3 to 5 drops after meals!
Veterinary Science Co., Ltd.

Lasmy Co., Ltd.


President / Top Introduction

Kazunori Saito


Message to customers

It is more important to bring pets (especially dogs, cats) as the healing of the world at Corona. I decided to handle this product because I wanted to have a long life and sponsored as a member of my family.


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