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L8020 Pet supplements for maintaining dogs, loves, pets for maintaining the mouth of the cat. It is a product that combines "delicious", "nutrition full" and "safety", which is used in the Seto Inland Sea. Just put 1-3 cups of spoon once a day and just put in the usual pet food. There is a suppression effect of the deed bacterium and the periodontal disease Condimer bacteria & an appetite promotion. Please try it when you are concerned about your pet's mouth or you want to care early. Animal behavioral science specialist "Vivet Lice" recommended!

Delivery period Within 7 business days after ordering
Shipping method Yamato Transport / Sagawa Express
material Dextrin, catachate, starch, fermented milk powder (L8020 lactic acid bacteria), silicon dioxide

Product feature

Feature 1 L8020 Combine lactic acid bacteria!
Feature 2 Just put on pet food!
Feature 3 Plenty of nutrition required for pet
Features 4 Raw materials use domestic production

Lasmy Co., Ltd.


President / Top Introduction

Kazunori Saito


Message to customers

It is more important to bring pets (especially dogs, cats) as the healing of the world at Corona. I decided to handle this product because I wanted to have a long life and sponsored as a member of my family.


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(1) The Resilience Japan Promotion Council issued in November 2020, which is issued in November 2020, which has been published in "All Japan," of the government, academic and government, "All Japan" and the slogan. Published in Advanced Solution Guidebooks] Published by 2 Touhou Communication Corporation