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Authotics (skeletal correction equipment)

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Correct the distortion of the foot, return the foot to the original state (neutral position) and aim to improve the foot function (skeletal correction equipment). Top Athlete This item is a product that uses more than 3.000 people. I can definitely understand the difference if you feel it. Come, please feel it!
Authotics is a dedicated measuring instrument, analyzed by US dedicated servers, and its analysis data is returned domestically, and a professional craftsman is a full-scale product that finishes one foot 1 foot.

Internal capacity 1 set of left and right
Delivery period Ship about about 3 weeks after ordering
Shipping method Yamato Transport

Product feature

Feature 1 Authotics (skeletal correction equipment) Features 2 Data measurement features in a dedicated measuring instrument 3 customized products


For products that require measurement, Tokyo, Kanagawa, Saitama (part), and Chiba (some parts) will be supported.

Fishes Co., Ltd. (Sokko)

Manufacturer, company introduction

"I cherish the encounter with people. Happy to people from the foot." Capacity to the voice of the customer. "We will deliver happiness from feet to many people in the motto of this word!

Strengths / Award History

Professional golfer, professional baseball player Top Athlete 3,000+ usage results


President / Top Introduction

Usami Akihiko

Why did you start this job?

I died my grandmother and parents in bed from falling. If you can not use your feet, you will close not only the body but also your mind. I realized the importance of walking independence with my feet for a long time, and I realized the importance of the family experience. A lot of people will re-recognize the importance of your feet, and you are working every day with the feeling that you want to protect many customers in the Authotics (Skeleton Correction Orter) "Foot Inn Design".


Message to customers

Perform the function of foot function and adjust the foot to the original. If you feel the product, you will definitely understand. Come, please feel it!


Introducing media publication results

Professional golfer, professional baseball player Top Athlete 3,000+ usage results