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若作り姑と美人嫁のプリザーブドフラワーショップ ハナ&イヴ

Crystal Harbarium Ballpoint Pen (White)

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Harbarium ballpoint pen with Swarovski. It becomes a ballpoint pen with flowers and hurarium oil. It is a glamorous ballpoint pen that makes a feeling of sparkling by the angle to incline.

Internal capacity One
Delivery period Ship within one week after ordering
Shipping method Letter pack, Yamato Transport, WOW local receipt


Cancellations other than being damaged at the time of arrival are not accepted.

Preserved flower shop Hana & Yves

Manufacturer, company introduction

Imperial Hotel Handmade Writer Exhibition Grand Prix Best Award We also have a classroom that can be decorated with a preserved flower that keeps the won of the fresh flower.

Strengths / Award History

Exhibit from Ueno's Mori Museum. There are many results such as exhibiting in Tokyo Art Theater. New York Broadway "Festival of Flower and Art" Winner, Bouquet exhibition participation in Hawaii Honolulu Festival, participating in Hawaii Honolulu Festival, 1st Paris Versai Utorianon Palace Art Festival Exhibition Excellent Work Award Winner, Imperial Hotel Handmade Writer Exhibition Exhibit Grand Prix Best Award Winner


President / Top Introduction

Hatumi Mizuda

Why did you start this job?

When I got her son's marriage, I touched the preserved flower bouquet and touched the preserved flower and I started this job because it was very fun.


Message to customers

Even if you make a flower, it is healed, so you also want to find fun to make yourself, as well as purchase. Please feel free to contact us, as we have a workshop even in the Nihashi first building near online and soon.


Introducing media publication results

"E-book" NEW DIRECTIONS IN Japanese ART ~ Japan to communicate widely to the world, such as this time, Japanese art, western painting, carving, ceramics, architecture, photography, calligraphy, etc. New direction of art. From each genre, the work of Paddy field is published while introducing the works of the Japanese artists who are active in the present age. "