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cv aziroo

Coin Case, Book Cover, Long Wallet

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Description of item

We will produce and sell only one point of only you who used Python and Lizard Leather, which is famous for luxury snakes from Indonesia! It is also a product that also has a support project to introduce dyeing machines and sewing machines to Indonesian studio, which has been damaged by floods and corona.

Origin Indonesia
Internal capacity Height: 80mm × width: 106mm × thickness: 16mm ~
Delivery period About one month after order for order production (except when there is stock)
Shipping method Mail schedule
material leather

Product feature

It is a snake, lizard and crocodile leather product with the permission of the Washington Convention.


CV Aziroo

Manufacturer, company introduction

We produce products of one point of snake and lizard leather from Indonesia. We will realize low prices by selling with a fair trade without mediation, and plans and sell as a support Project, including SDGS, as it contributes to disaster support by local floods and plagues.

Strengths / Award History

Leather products of one point can be purchased because of local production!


President / Top Introduction

It is a tag management business that has a strong collaboration power of local support staff who has been supporting government business for many years in Indonesia, which has been supported by several overseas business support

Why did you start this job?

As a part of the deputy representative who has been working on Indonesian governments, and the sizawa, he said that he would like to manage the poverty by local disasters, as part of supporting workshop I launched this business.


Message to customers

This quality of the quality is absolutely not buying at this price. We offer the best one point to your preferences from the ready to full-order maid.