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Salavio RG92 All-in-dringer

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Description of item

Patent component addition of Oita Beppu Onsen

Internal capacity 120 g
Preservation method No (power is required for demo machine operation)
Delivery period as needed
Shipping method Courier service

Product feature

Immunity up and hot spring efficacy will be commuting


Replinet Cambodia Co., Ltd.

Manufacturer, company introduction

We will continue to sending SDGS product such as beauty items for overseas!

Strengths / Award History

Southeast Asia, Africa, Central Asia, centered on Cambodia, has a route


President / Top Introduction

Kitano Gaku

Why did you start this job?

To develop a commercial and service that can be sent abroad from Japan in the shrink market


Message to customers

Good for your body, good product and service for the earth!


Introducing media publication results

Company name is posted on the player moving bus as a sponsor of Cambodia Pro Soccer Team!