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Platinum carbon concentrated board

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We exert a strong effect on "antiviral, antibacterial, deodorant" virus. In addition to preventing the invasion of the virus, it also suppresses and inactivates the activity of the virus itself. Moreover, the deodorant effect is also excellent. "Safety and Safety Safety" discrimination ability and absolute safety. Platinum nanoparticles (platinum nanoparticles) are safe and secure as they are also recognized as food by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare. The effect is a product with a long effect and a product with excellent deodorizing power. It has been demonstrated in the United States of Colorado University.

Internal capacity Concentrated Board 140mm × 155mm Thickness 10mm, Entraction Board Shoes 80mm × 132mm Thickness 11mm Twelve Set
Preservation method Storage of normal temperature
Delivery period Ship within 2 business days
Shipping method Japan Post, WOW local receipt

Product feature

1 Antivirus, Antibacterial, Deodorant 2 Safety and Safety for Body and Bare Safety 3 Decomposition Power and Absolute Safety 4 Frequency Evidence

Espro motion

Manufacturer, company introduction

We will proceed with product development that can help users.

Strengths / Award History

A long-term effect is sustained and deodorant, evidence of coronavirus disinfectant.


President / Top Introduction

Hoshi Tomonori

Why did you start this job?

I received an edge from the connection with the medical personnel and to handle this product. It is a product that is useful for your daily life. I recommend it with confidence.


Message to customers

The effect is a product with a long effect and a product with excellent deodorizing power.


Introducing media publication results

It was published in the Chemical Industry National National Newspaper. (October 28, 2021)