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Tai Tokerau Honey Ltd

Ginger lemon tea 30g for coldness

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Description of item

It came in a cold time. It is a painful time for coldness. Could you warm from the core of your body? How about ginger lemon tea in winter? Please enjoy it.

Origin overseas
Internal capacity 5ml 10 ml 30g
Preservation method Save in the cool dark place
Delivery period Within one week
Shipping method Japanese mail
Expiration date Within half a year
material Aroma oil, herb
Allergen none

Product feature

Features 1 Features that do not produce mass production 2 Customization can be customized Features 3 A person or pet is also kind to pets


Consume within half a year from the date of manufacture.

Fairy pouth

Manufacturer, company introduction

A pet salon specialized in aroma and herbs in Nishi Ward, Yokohama City. Now we have the original products for your owner as well as pets.

Strengths / Award History

Quality does not fall because it does not make a lot of making a lot.


President / Top Introduction

Akiko Kanai

Why did you start this job?

I focused on natural things that myself did not drink medicine and had fewer body burden. She thought that she wanted to make a body that does not only sick but also pets, she started this business.


Message to customers

It offers aroma and herb products to deepen their owner and pet bonds.


Introducing media publication results

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・東京のプロのボイトレConnect 取扱店様 (登録者数6万人YouTuber) リンク先URL