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No additive, Hana-Bi, no additives Anzu beauty soap · Azu beautiful

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It is a soap and beauty pack of unusual 杏 oil blended in Japan.
A gentle prescription that can be used for sensitive and dry skin.
The more you use it, the better the skin!

Internal capacity Soap 80g · 10 g beauty: Beauty Solution 23 ml
Delivery period 1 to 3 days
Shipping method Yamato Transport / Japan Post (Click Post)
material Soap: Saffroof, Water, Scroll, Glycerin, Ethanol, Lauloyl Glutamate Na, Ann Curry Oil, Cummate Floral Extract, Squararan, Aloe Vera Exxy 1, Roman Camile, BG, BG, Ethanol, Anz Nuclear oil, Squaran, Cammileelec, Aloe Bella leaf extract, Hyaluronic acid Na, water soluble collagen, pigeon extract, placenta extract, Yuzu leaf extract, xanthan gum, hydroxy stir cellulose, methyl paraben, Fexi tanol, malic acid, water Na oxidized Na, PEG-60 Water Permeation Hyperpentium, ethiduronic Acid 4Na, Fragrance

Product feature

Feature 1 Additive of oil formulation to make skin healthy and beauty
Features 2 Products with high repeats of sensitive and dry skin (including atopy)
Feature 3 A cosmetic mask that the craftsman creates for 2 months and the essence
Feature 4 Seeds of are used as crude drugs as herbal medicine
Features 5 Only irresisted sebums on the skin, low stimulation and no additions of the necessary oil


Coco roll cosmetics

Manufacturer, company introduction

創業73年 国内生産でエコロジー歯ブラシを製造するメーカーになります。未来のために、環境に配慮した土に還る樹脂から製造しています。これから、エコ生活を始める方におすすめの歯ブラシです。

Strengths / Award History

2019年 ソーシャルプロダクトアワー受賞
2019年 NHK World 取材



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