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Amourenzyme Premium (Amurenzyme) 1 box 30 wrapped

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Amurenzyme is a complete additive-free plant fermented food for 100% stock solution.
We carefully selected 87 vegetables, grains, herbs, fruits, etc. based on Macrobiotic theory.
Brazil's only organic certification agency IBD guidance only uses high quality raw materials grown in high nutritious land. Because it is every day, it was created with good quality and safe quality.

The absorption rate to the body was significantly improved by acetic acid bacteria produced with its own third-order fermentation to the intestine and long-term ripening for 8 years.

For those who want to make yourself beautiful and healthy, please use daily health to keep your health.

Origin Native country Japan
Internal capacity 1 box 30 wrapped (1 package 10g)
Preservation method Normal temperature (refrigerated preservation is also possible)
Delivery period Ship sequentially in order order
Shipping method Yamato Transport
Expiration date Two years
material Origin: Brazilian Sakai Honey, Wild Grass Extract (Rosemary, Cotton, Cinnamon, Lemongrass, Calcager, Catsuba, Sugina, Macropheus, Wai Kyou, Mate, Stevia, Ginger, Galaana, Hatley, Purple Eye, Passion Fruit, Mi Love Ama Paterpaca, Pedra Umeka, Paphya, Kosendanga, Langkon, Cats Club, Benino Key, Yacon Leaves, Anise, Amacha, Clove, Purple Potent, Vegetable, Fruit (Orange, Pineapple, Banana, Apple, Papaya, Pumpkin, Satsuma, Carrot , Tomato, Shiitake, Guava, cassava, peppers, red cub, radish, cabbage, burdock, melon, chicory, kale, prune, lemon, pear, mango, watermelon, avocado, acerola, raisin, starfruit, kiwi, graviola, Acai, Camcam), Cereal, Beans (Brown, Oatmeal, Corn, Barley, Ow, Lymegi, Popcorn), Black Sesame, Pea, White Ingen Beans, Purple Igen Beans, Beans, Soy, Black Beans, Lens Beans, Cashewnut, Brazil Nuts, Chickpea), Seaweed (Wakame, Kelp, Nori), Honey, Yeast, Chrysanthemum
Allergen Orange Cashew Nuts · Kiwi Fruit · Apple Banana Soy Sesame

Product feature

Point1 87 high-quality raw materials carefully selected use
100% Point2 enzyme stock solution
POINT3 unique third-order fermented and 8 years long-term ripening
Point4 Completely added (white sugar non-use · perfume non-use · Population unused · Population sweetener Not used · preservative unused)

Y'SGROUP Corporation

Manufacturer, company introduction

Results We will support beauty and health and diet with full organic enzymes of fully skilled elevation salon owner produce, stock solution 100%.

Strengths / Award History

We will handle all over the country's salon.


President / Top Introduction

Nakazawa Yuko

Why did you start this job?

I'm originally working as an esthetician and I can not cut it and I can not break it, so I want you to prepare the intestinal environment and extend your health life and live. She started her enzyme business from her feelings. She now has a lot of happy voices that she handles cosmetic salons and clinics across the country. She is pleased with she, with the intestinal environment and raising the immunity to help her health.


Message to customers

"Immunity" has never been able to get along well. Listen many troubles such as poor condition and constipation from various stresses. Insomnia, I do not get well, constipation. Because immune cells are 70% in the intestine, the intestinal environment and immunity are in a close relationship. Amourenzyme is a 100% stock solution enzyme of full organic. Since brazilian herbs (wild grass) are also included, we will support antioxidant action and inflammation. Not only dieting and improvement of constitution, but also products that support customers' health. If you are the purpose of the dieting, there is an original fasting menu, so please drink and check the product information from your nearest staff or QR code.