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Meguru bamboo teeth brush

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The part of the toothbrush is made of a material blended with polylactic acid resin and bamboo fine powder, and the combustion calories when incinerated after use, CO2 emissions are less than general resin. In addition, since it uses a plant material grown in a year, it is a sustainable toothbrush. Bamboo manages what he grew up in Iga City, Mie Prefecture, and is all made carefully at domestic plants. In addition, due to the characteristics of natural materials, the partial part of the pattern proceeds and the strength drops, so the industry's first quality retention date of 2 years is provided.

Origin Iga City, Mie Prefecture
Internal capacity See each product package
Preservation method Please keep in a good place in the ventilated place without considering sunlight.
Delivery period Ships at any time (consult with quantity)
Expiration date The expiration date is 2 years from manufacturing. (Described in toothbrush)

1 bamboo, polylactic acid
2 Hijakari resin, pig hair, horse hair, nylon

Product feature

Feature 1 Biodegradable resin used to save the laminated material, Iga City Bamboo Material

Feature 2 Hiring four types of brushed materials and respond to various needs

Feature 3 For the first time, it is recommended for the first time for ordinary toothbrush-like use

Features 4 Packages also use bamboo pulp and are environmentally friendly.

Fine Corporation

Manufacturer, company introduction

Founded It is a manufacturer that produces ecological toothbrushes for domestic production in Japan. For the future, we manufacture from resin that returns to environmentally friendly soils. From now on, it is a recommended toothbrush for those who start eco-life.

Strengths / Award History

2019 Social Product Hour Winner 2019 NHK WORLD coverage Bamboo Materials collected staff from Bamboo forest in Iga City, Mie Prefecture, and the teeth brush produced in Japan. Resin uses biodegradable resin that returns to soil completely in five years.


President / Top Introduction

Shimizu Naoko

Why did you start this job?

At the beginning of 1990, from allergic symptoms in your body, the president of the present at that time starts development of a toothbrush with a body-friendly material. In 2005, he launched a toothbrush with bamboo material. Because of the thought that anyone wants to create a toothbrush, it continued to be in the direction of chemical substance hypersensitivity, and bamboo material has been collected by our own domestic production. We would like to help you switch from disposable toothbrush to sustainable toothbrush, aiming to create something that can be left in the future.


Message to customers

Products are born from plants, and after use, it will return to the atmosphere and soil, and there will be plants again. "Meguru" is a brand that has been considered such a "round" concept. Earth resources are sloppy if we continue to throw away, and even if it does not disassemble, trash will stain the earth. If you stop eating such a negative cycle, it will be changed to a kind cycle for people even for people. Meguru has such a thought.


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