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Pikok (Peakook)

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Description of item

Peach: Slack fragrant to imagine yellow peach. It is also recommended to drink a small amount of brown sugar.

Arabian Night: A small amount of mint or cinnamon based on Apple, Grape, Peach, etc.
It is recommended when you want to be tired and relaxing with mystery and calm flavor tea.

Cherry Blossom: A refreshing cherry blossom and cherry flavor. It is also recommended to have the smell that gets out of the nose and gets out of the mouth.

English Breakfast: among this is the only black tea. It is a clean Candy tea, but blended three grade characteristic from the grade that can be taken in the candy tea and made it a blend with a solid rich.
It is also recommended as a base for milk tea and chai.

Origin Sri Lanka Candy
Internal capacity 1 box (2G TEA BAG × 10)
Preservation method After opening, avoid direct sunlight and store in a cool dark place
Delivery period Dispatched at any time
Shipping method Yamato Transport
Expiration date State in the product
material Tea and flavor

Product feature

Features 1: Direct delivery from the company's farm and factory
Features 2: Use natural perfume from Dutch (scientific perfume)
Feature 3: Design package imaged by peacock (a bird carrying a happy bird in Sri Lanka). I want to deliver a happy time, taste and smell of producers through tea.
Feature 4: Support for goods (pencil, note, sandals, glasses, etc.) to children who can not go to local school from medium sales of tea

Value Sales Japan Co., Ltd.

Manufacturer, company introduction

We own the company's farm and factory in Sri Lanka Candy and promote local employment through the sales of tea, and support children's academic business.

Strengths / Award History

It is possible to compare tea leaves that can be used in the day and the factory that can be used in the day, and can not compare with other companies with other companies by importing and delivering them without passing the tea and intermediary contractors.


President / Top Introduction

Yasuhiro Ikeda

Why did you start this job?

When going to the site, I get married early to raise my life level, give birth to a child, and my child also raises the household collection by working as a labor force. I saw a local environment, such as there was no choice when I was born by a race. In addition, I know the deep relationship between Sri Lanka and Japan, and I would like to know all the Japanese and I'm triggered the black tea as a bridge business of Japan and Sri Lanka.


Message to customers

Candy tea is extremely small compared to other production areas of tea, and people who are not good at tea can be refreshed and sublily with a sense of moisture. In addition, I think that the tea is a new encounter even if the tea is originally a good day. Enjoy the birthplace of Seironti, [Candy Tea].