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Origin Iga City, Mie Prefecture
Internal capacity 20ml diameter 25 mm height 97 mm 1 box 50 pieces
Preservation method Store at normal temperature avoiding direct sunlight
Delivery period Launched from late January
Shipping method Yamato Transport, Japan Mail

Pure water, titanium phosphate, cleaning agent, preservative

Product feature

1,1 drops troubles (wash, coating, antiviral)
2, effect duration
3, anyone can coat anywhere anywhere

Winkie International Co., Ltd.

Manufacturer, company introduction

Unprecedented coating agents were completed using a photolithographic catalyst technology. It is a product of 1 drop (wash, coating, antiviral). Megane's cloudy, smartphone screen coating, work to clean foundation mirror. The duration of the effect is the sales point.

Strengths / Award History

Duration of the effect. Glasses Cloudy: About 3 days to 2 Week Smartphone Screen: About 2 Weeks Foundation Mirror: about 2 weeks


President / Top Introduction

Tadokoro Takami

Why did you start this job?

From those who are wearing glasses when completing the product of the light-free catalyst It is triggered. If you're commercialized, I asked the Non-Profit Activities Kanagawa Celp Center to realize that I thought about what I thought is "I can't do something at a disabled facility?" I decided to have all the processes.


Message to customers

We will solve what you have ever had in trouble, and it will be connected to social contribution, so please use it.


Introducing media publication results

Achieved a target amount in two and a half hours in Makuake. It was possible to collect 150 buyers in one day.