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Tai Tokerau Honey Ltd

UMF Manuka Honey

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I can eat sweet and delicious. You can also use the symptoms that you are thinking about the body. By all means, I will try and for the important body. As it is the quality of the world's highest health food, if there is a symptom that is a little concerned, you can help your symptoms of your worries now! We also wait for inquiries.

Origin New Zealand's Te Tokelau Region
Internal capacity 250 g and 500 g
Preservation method Refrigerator 15 degrees thoroughly.
Delivery period Shipping in the order of order
Shipping method Yamato Transport Kuroneko
Expiration date Two-and-a-half years
material Manuka Honey (Honey)
Allergen Manuka Honey

Product feature

Tai Takerau Honey's UMF Manuka Honey is the world's highest health food. We will deliver in the quality control of the world's highest peak!


Thorough refrigerated storage, two years have been replaced for replacement.

TAI tokerau Honey

Manufacturer, company introduction

The only thorough management in Japan and Manuka Honey, which has been taken from the New Zealand's primary forest.

Strengths / Award History

Thorough management until the consumer arrives from the field.


President / Top Introduction

Iizuka Yuki

Why did you start this job?

I felt that I wanted to deliver to those who have the same trouble for beauty and health from the painful experience where the stomach ulcer and the duodenal polyp were made.


Message to customers

It is managed to receive the original attraction of Manuka Honey, and it is managed until it reaches from an unprecedented primary forest.


Introducing media publication results

Magazine HANAKO June 2021 issue